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Jana Marecková Human Rights of Persons with Mental Disabilities

Human rights of people with mental disabilities have become a subject of interest of international law only very recently. Despite intensive develop­ment in the last years, the implementation of these rights often remains unsatisfactory due to the characteristic vulnerability of persons with mental disabilities, especially when they are deprived of liberty. This book examines the development and contemporary approach of international human rights law towards persons with disabilities in the light of theoretical models of disability. It continues with evaluating the compatibility of Czech law and practice concerning the right to liberty of mentally ill persons with the principles established by the European Court of Human Rights. Conclusions drawn from these two parts suggest how the above mentioned principles as well as relevant Czech law and practice may be improved in order to advance the human rights of persons with mental disabilities. This analysis is a useful resource for professionals and policy makers in the fields of law, social work and psychiatry, as well as for persons with mental disabilities themselves.

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Dr. Rumi Ahmed Rights of Persons with Disability in India

The adoption and entry into force of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) has significantly increased the visibility and reinforcement of disability rights across the globe. India was among the first to sign the UNCRPD; but it is yet to incorporate the provisions of the Convention within its domestic laws. While a new disability legislation in harmony with the UNCRPD is pending with Parliament for quite some time, the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act (briefly, the PWD Act), enacted in 1995, still remains the only major legal instrument for the persons with disability. Reinforcement of social model of disability in UNCRPD and a new wave of human rights approach to disability have led to significant paradigm shift in the normative and legal discourses on disability. In view of this the PWD Act has become outdated and many important provisions of the UNCRPD are missing in this Act. This book has made a sincere attempt to critically analyze the existing laws for persons with disability in India, including critical analysis of the PWD Act with the help of major judicial verdicts. An effort has been made to compare Indian disability laws with the provisions under UNCRPD. It also covers historical development of disability (legal) rights and policies in India and analyses the legislative responses and the legal framework for disability rights in India. Additionally, the study analyses pr...

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Kabue Samuel Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Church Life Kenya

This study is carried on the premise that the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the worship, social and development life of the church remains unsatisfactory. As the pioneer in work with persons with disabilities, the church in Kenya is expected to provide the best inclusion model programmes. The study addressed prevailing perceptions which impact on the inclusion of persons with disabilities; the social, theological and physical barriers to the inclusion; support services which could enhance inclusion; and, training and other interventions needed to improve the sensitivity of the church leadership to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the church life. Data collection was through interviews of persons with disabilities and a focus group. The study recognized that inclusion is largely impacted by attitudes and perceptions which lead to discriminatory and oppressive church and societal structures. It recommended ways in which the church could provide a social, physical and theological environment in which persons with disabilities may realise their full potential in the life of the church.

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Veronika Haász National Human Rights Institutions in the UN human rights framework

Master's Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Public International Law and Human Rights, grade: A, European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), course: Jura - Internationale Menschenrechte und Humanitäres Recht, language: English, abstract: National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) are cornerstones of strong domestic human rights protection systems. They play a crucial role in the promotion and protection of human rights at the national level. Within their broad mandate, they advise governments on various human rights issues, monitor the implementation of international human rights instruments, promote the harmonisation of national law and practice with the international human rights standards, disseminate human rights information, cooperate with regional and international human rights bodies, and remedy human rights violations.However, National Human Rights Institutions are primarily domestic instruments, they increasingly engage with the international human rights mechanisms. In the last 20 years, they became the practical link between international human rights standards and their concrete application at the national level. The institutions' interaction with the UN Charter-based and Treaty-based Bodies is a relatively new phenomenon and as such, has its obstacles.In order to clarify the nature and ways of co-operation between NHRIs and the UN human rights monitoring mechanisms, this Handbook sets out the characteris...

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Masuda Kamal Community Based Rehabilitation(CBR)of the Persons with Disabilities

Disability is a universal phenomenon although awareness regarding disability, rights of the persons with disability and their rehabilitation in general and community based rehabilitation in specific still is not significant in the developing countries like Bangladesh.Some NGOs have come up with different intervention strategies to address the problem and they are learning from experience. A development research organization conducted an action research program for years together in its laboratory area involving the community with a view to evolving a sustainable model of rehabilitation of the persons with disability suitable for rural society in the south Asian region.The book is based on the findings of a empirical study on the initiative and it provides inputs for researchers and practitioners working in this field.

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Nukila Evanty Indonesia Human Rights and the International Regime

The book explains the concept of International human rights regime and the movement of human rights norms which also review the concept of international human rights norms. Indonesia compliance's on human rights covenants under different regime of the Presidents in the stage 1945 to 2007 which is in the scope of international human rights regime which has long been faced human rights development and obstacles is the center of this book discussion.

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Raja Sree R Subramaniam The Stigma of Severe Mental Illness to Male and Female Students Psychology MBA

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2014 in the subject Psychology - Clinic and Health Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, grade: B, University of Derby, language: English, abstract: Psycho-education and familiarity with severe mental illness arbitrate change in public stigma of severe mental illness. A survey study exploring the attributions of dangerousness and avoidance from people with severe mental illness was carried out. The study employed opportunity sampling and sixty students (m=30; f=30) half of which were students of Psychology and the other half were students of MBA. The students' familiarity with severe mental illness, the perception of dangerousness and the desire to avoid from persons with severe mental illness were gathered via a self-administered electronic survey. More females than males showed a heightened level of fear and avoidance from persons with severe mental illness. However, students with a psychology background showed more desire for social inclusion and lower perception of dangerousness than the MBA. Similarly, students with the high level of familiarity showed less fear and more tolerance towards persons with severe mental illness than students with low level of familiarity, which supported the earlier findings.

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Advances in Research and Praxis Special Education Africa, Caribbean, the Middle East

This edited volume explores various issues pertaining to the education of children with disabilities in Africa,the Caribbean and Middle East. As a group, persons with disabilities have been subjected to social, culturaland educational exclusions of various forms and for various socially-scripted reasons. In education, forinstance, individuals with disabilities have been altogether excluded from educational participation in manyparts of the developing world or they have been excluded from pursuing meaningfully beneficial higherlevels of education in developed countries like the United States. One of the social responses/remedies to thewidely-acknowledged exclusionary practices experienced by learners with disabilities has been the widespread implementation of inclusive practicesin the education of individuals with disabilities across countries, in the west and the developing regions of the world. A distinctive marker of differencein the way inclusive practices have been enacted in western countries versus those in the developing world has primarily stemmed from the fact thatmajority of western countries operate under funded mandates that also regulate the provision of education to persons with disabilities. While the idealof inclusion has been highly desirable, many of countries in the developing world have floundered in their implementation due to lack sound legislativeframework to guide implementation coupled with socio-cultural factors related to negative perceptions of dis...

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Niamh Reilly Womens Human Rights

Womens Human Rights: Seeking Gender Justice in a Globalising Age explores the emergence of transnational, UN-oriented, feminist advocacy for womens human rights, especially over the past three decades. It identifies the main feminist influences that have shaped the movement liberal, radical, third world and cosmopolitan and exposes how the Western, legalist, state-centric, and liberal biases of mainstream human rights discourse impede the realisation of human rights in womens lives everywhere. The book traces the evolution of the womens human rights movement through an examination of its key issues, debates, and practical interventions in international law and policy arenas. This includes efforts to: Develop global gender equality norms via the UN Womens Convention Frame violence against women as a human rights issue Address gender-based crimes in conflict situations, include women in conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction, and challenge new forms of militarism Highlight the gendered human rights dimensions of widening inequalities in a context of neo-liberal globalisation Develop human rights responses to anti-feminist fundamentalist movements with a focus on reproductive and sexual rights Ultimately, Womens Human Rights reaffirms a commitment to critically reinterpreted universal human rights principles and demonstrates the vital role that bottom-up, transnational movements play in making them a reality in womens lives.

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Norman Sartorius Mental Illness, Discrimination and the Law. Fighting for Social Justice

This book describes clearly how legislation can be used to advance the rights and entitlements of people with mental health problems. Straightforward and practical, it provides useful information on how to address disabilities so these people may enjoy full citizenship. It presents the key issues succinctly and illustrates these with legislative examples from around the world. This book documents the role that law can play, at all levels, in combating such discrimination and abuse.

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Hanumanthappa D. G. Vista of Human Rights (Human watch dogs)

Book is beautiful narration on human rights, it discusses in detail the essentials and essence of human rights stashed away in the pristine concepts. It wonderfully philately interprets the human rights concepts by making things simpler and lucid in keeping with the understanding ability of an ordinary citizen of this country. The book is skillfully tries to stuff human rights fibro into democratic Skelton in a fantastic way, what realized through a glance trough a book is how important are the constitution and judiciary in any democratic system of a governance argues and elucidates how human rights build democracy and the role of democratic dispensation to uphold democratic values nestled in the human rights. This is a rare book among those I have read before that enlightens those citizens/students specifically about human rights values and more specifically values of democracy. The Voluble script talks more about judicial responsibility of preserving human rights is put on the shoulders of judiciary, this book contended that without judiciary no human rights no constitution ( democracy) exists.

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Nouha Rouabah Are International Human Rights Instruments Effective In Protecting P from the Global Effects of Climate Change.

Master's Thesis from the year 2017 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Public International Law and Human Rights, grade: A, Birkbeck, University of London, language: English, abstract: This study seeks to address the issue of climate change through a human rights lens by focusing on the causes of climate change and its impacts on both the environment and human rights. It highlights the close link between capitalist industrialization and environmental degradation and explains how this consequently leads to human rights violations.This research tackles human rights approach to climate change with a special focus on international human rights instruments mainly the two international covenants, the ICCPR and the ICESCR, it seeks to understand whether they impose international obligations on states to protect human rights from the adverse effects of climate change and how those imposed duties can be enforced to effectively protect people's rights.Unfortunately, this paper will reach to the conclusion that the existing human rights law does not adequately protect human rights from the lethal threat of climate change, due to the absence of a universally recognized right to a healthy environment, moreover, despite the possibility of the extraterritorial application of the ICESCR, the political will of states to cooperate under the provisions of the covenant to face the issue of climate change seems to be also absent.

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Journal of Moral Theology, Volume 6, Special Issue 2

Engaging DisabilityEdited by Miguel J. Romero and Mary Jo IozzioPreface: Engaging Disability Mary Jo Iozzio and Miguel J. RomeroGod Bends Over Backwards to Accommodate Humankind ...While the Civil Rights Acts and the Americans with Disabilities Act Require [Only] the Minimum Mary Jo IozzioOn ""And Vulnerable"": Catholic Social Thought and the Social Challenges of Cognitive Disability Matthew GaudetFrom Universal Precautions to Universal Design: Disclosure of Concealable Disability in the Case of HIV Mary M. Doyle RocheDisability, the Healing of Infirmity, and the Theological Virtue of Hope: A Thomistic Approach Paul GondreauSeventeenth-Century Casuistry Regarding Persons with Disabilities: Antonino Diana's Tract ""On the Mute, Deaf, and Blind"" Julia A. FlemingBlessed Silence: Explorations in Christian Contemplation and Hearing Loss Jana BennettBecoming Friends: Ethics in Friendship and in Doing Theology Lorraine CuddebackThe Slow Journey Towards Beatitude: Disability in L'Arche, and Staying Human in High-Speed Society Jason Reimer GreigThe Goodness and Beauty of Our Fragile Flesh: Moral Theologians and Our Engagement With 'Disability' Miguel J. Romero

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Fondation de Malte Telos IV

In this edition of Telos, our contributors re-examine the problematique where the rights of future generations are upheld through responsible acts of the present generation. For human rights and human duties should also be one of moral obligation from one person towards another. Peter Serracino Inglott opens this book with a thinkpiece on the rights of Future generations as the world becomes increasingly inter-connected. Olivier Godard looks at the legal difficulties in having real intergenerational equity. Salvino Busuttil looks at the concepts of human rights, human duties and human responsibilities. Claudio Zanghi examines the legal aspects of non-refoulement, with recent examples of its implementations. Eva Riollot examines the relationship of the changing urban landscape in the Mediterranean. Melanie Laudriec closes with an overview on the situation of the irregular migration Malta is subject to, as the southern border of the European Union.

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Chris Hatton Psychological Therapies for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Psychological Therapies for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities brings together contributions from leading proponents of psychological therapies for people with intellectual disabilities, which offer key information on the nature and prevalence of psychological and mental health problems, the delivery of treatment approaches, and the effectiveness of treatment. Offers a detailed guide to available therapies for adults with intellectual disabilities Includes case illustrations to demonstrate therapies in action Provides up-to-date coverage of current research in the field Puts forward a consideration of the wider contexts for psychological therapy including the relationship with social deprivation, general health, and the cost effectiveness of treatment Places individual interventions in the context of the person’s immediate social network including families and carers Includes contributions from leading proponents from around the world

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Abdul Majeed Bhat Sources Of Maternal Stress And Children With Intellectual Disabilities

The book entiled, "Sources of Maternal Stress in Mothers of Children with Intellectual Disabilities" an attempt is made to explore the sources of maternal stress in mothers caring for children with intellectual disabilities. By exploring sources of maternal stress in mothers caring for children with intellectual disabilities will be of great use for clinicians, professionals, and policy makers, in order to provide better services to caregivers of children with intellectual disabilities and also to formulate better policy for the welfare of caregivers and children with intellectual disabilities.

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Mamta Sheth, Chhaya Goel Realizing Human Rights

The 21st Century is highly complex. The return on investment, be it public sector or corporate is measured in terms of material returns than in terms of human development. Human beings are most neglected. Now the question is - "Does the declaration of Human Rights by the UN ensure Human Rights?" Respect for Human Rights demands not only Awareness of Human Rights, but also, favorable attitude towards Human Rights. The vision of Human Rights Declaration by the UN will be realized only when these Rights are internalized and valuably inclined by the entire globe.The present volume includes the doctoral work of Ms. Mamta Sheth on designing, developing and implementing an Educational Program on Human Rights for Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers. The study has very well demonstrated that how the understanding of Human Rights was enhanced among the Teachers. The Educational Program on Human Rights was found to be effective in developing favorable attitudes of the Teachers. Also, the Program developed by the investigator could significantly initiate the teachers in the areas of Case Studies on Human Rights. Hope the State, Society, Judiciary, Education and all will value this volume.

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Daniel Levy, Natan Sznaider Human Rights and Memory

Memories of historical events like the Holocaust have played a key role in the internationalization of human rights. Their importance lies in their ability to bridge the universal and the particular-the universality of human values and the particularity of memories rooted in local human experiences. In Human Rights and Memory, Levy and Sznaider trace the growth of human rights discourse since World War II and interpret its deployment of memories as a new form of cosmopolitanism, exemplifying a dynamic through which global concerns become part of local experiences, and vice versa.

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Justin Nyanshwa,Michael Mawa and Thomas Otieno Juma International Human Rights Organizations Reports

Human rights constitute fundamental needs of human beings’ survival. The existence of human rights organizations is a step in the right direction to ensure these rights are protected from violation, enhanced, and enshrined in each state’s constitutions. The International Human Rights bodies and Local chapters of Human Rights Organizations in different states should promote advocacies of these rights in enhancing co-existence among the citizens themselves, vis-à-vis the citizens and the state. When this inter – relation is built in the practice of these rights, then the impacts of it thereof can be analyzed and compared. Basing on the divine nature of any state in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy, it is therefore basic that the responsibility of state can be measurable to the level at which it exercises the practice of human rights. On the basis of the core role of a state to human rights practice, the impacts of International Human Rights Organizations’ reports can either portray the understanding of a state on the ‘coin scale’ towards its foreign relations. It is in this light that the researcher focused on Rwanda between 1994 and 2011.

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Mohammad Abdul Hannan Education Training and Human Rights of the Prisoners

This book seeks to correlate international and national protection of human rights which are applicable to the prisoners’ criminal proceedings in particular. The condition of the prisoners in jail custody of Bangladesh has been set forth in detail and a comparison with the different international and domestic instruments are dealt with in this book. The purpose of this book is to show and examine the legal position of prisoners and recognition of their rights including education and training of prisoners within the purview of international as well as municipal law of Bangladesh. This book has also been reflected on human rights situation with regard to the prisoners in Bangladesh. Another issue is to be taken into consideration that, a human being of any age may commit crime. During the period when an accused or a convict remains within the walls of the prison cells he/she cannot usually take formal education of the land and there is a high apprehension that after his or her release he/she may get involved in crime immediately. Therefore, if these persons can achieve necessary education and training during their stay in prison they can lead a better life after release from jail.

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люстра vitaluce симона 3x60вт e14 стекло металл купить по лучшей цене Стиль: хрустальКоллекция: BojenaКоличество ламп: 3Тип цоколя: E14Материал плафонов: стеклоМощность: 60 ...

магазин обуви SanDali: Интернет

Интернет-магазин SanDali (Сандали) в Иркутске: мужская, женская и детская обувь.

Jana - купить в интернет-магазине в Москве - страница 7

Jana Ботинки женские цвет синий 8 8 25460 28 805 225 Размер 39. Цвет: Синий .... Jana Сандалии женские цвет серый 8 8 28600 20 224 221 Размер 38.

Купить обувь Jana 8-28114-36 сандали женские р. 40 в интернет ...

Jana оригинальные сандали женские по доступной цене. Доставка по всей Украине. Интернет - магазин брендовой обуви Сандаль.

Женская обувь - Rozetka.ua | Купить женскую обувь в Киеве ...

Женская обувь в интернет-магазине Rozetka.ua. Тел: 0 (44) 537-02-22. Обувь женская, лучшие цены ...

Женские ботинки купить по цене от 999 грн. в Киеве ...

Купить ☛ женские ботинки ☚ в интернет-магазине welfare.ua в Киеве, Харькове, Днепре, Львове и с ...

Сандалии Jana - купить по выгодным ценам | Женская обувь в ...

Сандалии Jana по выгодным ценам в интернет-магазине Sno-ufa.ru. Женская обувь известных брендов с доставкой по Москве и другим городам РФ.

Сандалии женские Jana - ROZETKA. Купить женские сандалии ...

ЖЕНСКИЕ САНДАЛИИ Jana — это превосходный уровень комфорта. Покупайте онлайн! Более 100 брендов в интернет-магазине ➦ ROZETKA.

Сандалии и сабо JANA 8-27107-20/355 - купить в интернет ...

В интернет-магазине ЕвроОбувь вы можете купить Сандалии и сабо JANA арт.8-27107-20/355 с доставкой. Большой ассортимент, разные размеры, ...

Люстра 3313-3 Varna (КРУГЛ 3) Lamplandia купить недорого с доставкой в ...

Люстра 3313-3 Varna (КРУГЛ 3) Lamplandia в интернет магазине ГдеСвет.


Главная > Люстра ... L1034-3 Jana, E14*макс 60Вт · 6233-5 PLAZA · 3310-3 FIONA · L1095-5 ... 2011 Группа компаний LampLandia. Санкт-Петербург ...

Настенные светильники (бра) Lamplandia - купить Настенный светильник ...

Интернет-магазин люстр и светильников . www.lustranadom.ru. 8(800) 333 45 92 Звонок бесплатный.

Бра - купить в Максидоме| Бра - цены на сайте, доставка. Санкт ...

Jana Jasmine Jessen Jessica Kadavu Kai Karina Kos Lamio Lander Latona Leo ..... Бра LAMPLANDIA Belize R7s 1x100 стекло - фото в каталоге Максидом.

Женские сандалии Jana — купить на Яндекс.Маркете

20 дек. 2018 г. - Женские сандалии Jana — купить по выгодной цене с доставкой. 89 моделей в проверенных интернет-магазинах: популярные новинки ...

Босоножки в Новосибирске со скидкой | Купить по распродаже ...

Ищете босоножки в Новосибирске по сниженным ценам? Здесь представлены босоножки – купить их можно по цене от 899 рублей. Недорогие и ...

Для новорождённых купить на Tiller.Ru :: каталог цен и скидок в ...

Купить Для новорождённых на Tiller.Ru. Для новорождённых с доставкой на дом по Москве и России по лучшим ценам.

Фильтр салона toyota highlander 3 0i 03 lexus ... - smozi.ru

люстра lamplandia lucos 12x60вт e14 без плафонов металл; логунова е ред сост акулы энциклопедия с развивающими заданиями; люстра lamplandia jana 5x60вт e14 стекло ...

Сандалии женские - интернет-магазин обуви ElenaShoes

Сандалии женские - Распродажа. 10415739-8NV. 1400.10 грн 1795.00 грн. скидка 22%. 10415738-8NV. 1400.10 грн 1795.00 грн. скидка 22%. 10001-BLK.

JANA- Интернет-магазин "Стиль"

JANA. Категории. Детям (792) · Девочкам (433) ... Женская обувь (5049) · Женская одежда (1626) · Женские аксессуары (258) · Уход за обувью (123) ...

Сабо ЯНА 51-01 черные, Магазин спецодежды Регион 98

Купить Сабо ЯНА 51-01 черные в магазине спецодежды Регион 98.

люстра потолочная LAMPLANDIA Jana 3x60Вт ... - maxidom.ru

Купить люстра потолочная LAMPLANDIA Jana 3x60Вт E14 стекло,металл в Максидоме. Фотографии и цены. Доставка! Смотрите также другие товары в разделе каталога Люстры потолочные

Jana Сандалии женские «Бренна» по цене 4 719 рублей, Лот 002 ...

Смотрите видео и приобретайте товар jana сандалии женские «бренна», 002-471-917 в магазине на диване Shop & Show.

Каталог товаров магазина шоп 24

Самый полный каталог товаров интернет-магазина шоп 24. Новые поступления и акционные ...

Купить обувь Jana. Недорогие цены на jana в интернет-магазине ...

Полусапоги женские Jana · Сабо женские Jana · Пантолеты женские Jana · Сандалии женские Jana · Полуботинки женские Jana · Сапоги женские Jana ...

Сандалии женские 01904480: цвет бежевый, 599 ₽ | Интернет ...

Сандалии женские 01904480 цвет бежевый купить по цене 599 ₽ в интернет-магазине kari. Таблица размеров. Качественная обувь!

Обувь Jana | Купить обувь Яна по низкой цене в Екатеринбурге ...

В нашем интернет-магазине сможете купить обувь Jana (Яна) по выгодным ценам с доставкой по всей России. ... Сандалии, Jana, 8-8-28100-20-001.

Каталог женской обуви | Ассортимент женской обуви

Интернет-магазин женской обуви ★ Планета Обуви ★ предлагает Вам ознакомиться с каталогом ...

Сандалии Jana Босоножки и шлепанцы для женщин ... - KaspSoft.ru

Adidas (Адидас) мужские кроссовки Красный Искусcтвенный материал Вьетнам SHnEwglb Сандалии Jana Босоножки и шлепанцы для женщин ...

Люстра потолочная lamplandia jana 5x60вт ... - all-mob.ru

Наименование товара: люстра потолочная LAMPLANDIA Jana 5x60Вт E14 стекло,металл. Модель: модель не указана

Jana Вьетнам Сандалии женский комбинированный Весенний топ ...

8794.85RUB 3516.16RUB. Начало > сандалии > Женская обувь > Jana Вьетнам Сандалии женский комбинированный Весенний топ-продавец.

Люстры, бра, торшеры Lamplandia: купить в Новосибирске в интернет ...

Люстры, бра, торшеры Lamplandia - низкие цены, все характеристики и фотографии в каталоге Price.ru. Купить люстры, бра, ...

Женские сандалии, купить с примеркой и доставкой по России

Удобные и стильные Сандалии для женщин. Сандалии.

Потолочная люстра lamplandia elefant ... - cli-expert.ru

потолочная люстра lamplandia elefant l1102 4 elefant е14 макс 60вт купить по низкой ... ролевые игры coloma детская мини кухня яна; archie goodbye forever;

Jana в интернет-магазине Wildberries.ru

Jana · Главная. » Бренды на «J». » Jana. Мне нравится. 5718. Jana новая коллекция · Балетки · Туфли · Ботинки · Босоножки · Ботильоны · Все товары.

Обувь Jana в магазине Велюр

Каталог женской обуви Jana, которую вы можете купить в Киеве или заказать бесплатную доставку по Украине. ... Сандалии Jana 8-24617/109 ...

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люстра lamplandia 133-5 mira по самой низкой цене в наличии в интернет-магазине Funale.ru - купите с доставкой прямо сейчас!

Купить женскую обувь Jana в интернет-магазине Киева и Украины ...

Большой выбор женской обуви Jana. 314 товаров в наличии по лучшей цене. ... Jana Сандалии на танкетке на каблуке текстильные. Шлепанцы из ...

Кожаные сандалии Jana | Интернет-магазин Weekend

16 янв. 2018 г. - Мягкие, легкие и удобные женские сандалии Jana. Дизайн кожаных сандалий позволяет хорошо ногам дышать. Обувь регулируется ...

Купить Золотистые женские сандалии Jana в интернет-магазине ...

Купить Золотистые женские сандалии Jana с бесплатной доставкой по России.

Перечень брендов немецкой женской обуви «премиум» и для ...

Немецкие бренды обуви для женщин: особый европейский стиль, качество и элегантность ...

Купить обувь Jana в интернет магазине WildBerries.by

Большой выбор обуви Jana в интернет-магазине WildBerries.by. Бесплатная доставка и ... Обувь Jana. Ваш выбор ..... 195 р. 80 к. -46%. Jana / Сандалии.

Люби и властвуй

... женские руки, расстегнули пряжку вначале на левой сандалии, а затем направой. Сандалии упалина пол. Наваждение за наваждением, сменяя друг ...

Зимние кожаные ботинки в Новосибирске: купить недорогие ...

Ищете зимние кожаные ботинки в Новосибирске? Здесь представлены зимние кожаные ботинки ...

Обувь Jana в Киеве, цены — купить в интернет-магазине Egle

Купить обувь【Jana】 в Киеве ✅ Распродажи и акции ✅ Новинки сезона 2018 ✅ Доставка по Украине ... Ботинки женские утепленные Код: 918029. 2998грн.

Сандалии - Каталог обуви Gabor Hogl Janita Ombelle Reiker ...

... Оплата и доставка · Постоянным покупателям · Полезная информация. КАТАЛОГ ОБУВИ; Женская обувь · Мужская обувь · Бренды · Спецпредложения ...

Женская обувь Рикер - каталог | Купить обувь для женщин ...

Женская обувь Rieker купить на сайте PlanetaObuvi.ru. ☎+7 (499) 653-78-53☎. Оперативная доставка Гарантия ...

Отзывы о Женские босоножки Jana - Отзовик

12 июл. 2014 г. - Эти босоножки я купила еще прошлым летом. Я как раз вто время ходила с "пузиком", поэтому подыскивала себе что-то удобное, ...


вязание шапки-снуды-манишки-шарфы. Трикотаж. Шапка спицами узором из жгутов. Вязание женской шапки спицами видео. Зоя Николаева · Зоя ...

Lamplandia - светильники по разумным ценам

Оригинальные и неповторимые светильники Lamplandia украсят Ваш дом или квартиру, а мы предложим отличные цены и условия на покупку в любом городе России. Техническая ...

Сандалии Jana Босоножки и шлепанцы для женщин ... - thecozylab.ru

Vera Victoria Vito мужские лоферы Натуральная кожа Коричневый Китай knq8i2XC Сандалии Jana Босоножки и шлепанцы для женщин сандалии ...

Комфортная немецкая обувь | antistress.com.ua

Интернет-магазин комфортной немецкой обуви. Rieker, Tamaris, Caprice, Gabor, Remonte, Jana

Купить женские туфли Jana (Джана) в Москве | Цены на женские ...

Купите женские туфли Jana (Джана) у нас! Большой выбор женской и мужской обуви от ведущих европейских брендов с доставкой по Москве и России!

Jana с доставкой по всей России! - Отличный Ход

О торговой марке Jana и её коллекции, представленной в нашем интернет-магазине!

Купить сандалии женские в интернет магазине WildBerries.kz

Большой выбор сандалий женских в интернет-магазине WildBerries.kz. Бесплатная доставка и ... Сандалии женские. Ваш выбор .... Jana / Сандалии. 11.

Jana - Дом Обуви

Ботильоны женские Jana. 5 440,00 р. Размеры: 37, 38, 39. Новинка! Просмотр. Сапоги женские Jana. 6 550,00 р. 10 120,00 р. Размеры: 37. Скидка!

Jana Бангладеш Сандалии женский белый 2018

Jana Бангладеш Сандалии женский белый 2018. ... Начало > сандалии > Женская обувь > Jana Бангладеш Сандалии женский белый 2018.

Jana - Welfare

Если вы заботитесь о своем здоровье и хотите всегда выглядеть модно, выбирайте Jana! -77%. Балетки женские Jana 8/8-22103/24 085 BLACK/METAL.

МК Московский комсомолец 164-2014

Аккурат 1 августа, в пятницу, женская сборная России матчем с США ..... Насчет. Изавелся ялично так, что даже не выдержали почти новые сандалии.

Телемагазин SHOP24 (Шоп 24)

Интернет-магазин SHOP24.com — официальный сайт телеканала SHOP24. Круглосуточный прием заказов ...

Jana - Купить обувь Яна (Jana) – Каталог Jana – Туфли – Цены ...

Женские ботинки Jana 26204 чер/сер нуб бот иск шерсть. Великолепные ботинки ..... Сандалии золотого цвета Jana 28103 зол иск кож сан. Создайте ...

Подвесная люстра Lamplandia Zara L1072-3 - bironirus.ru

Подвесная люстра Lamplandia Zara L1072-3 приобрести в большом ассортименте с доставкой в Москве и по всей России в интернет-магазине Bironirus.ru

Люстра lamplandia 5688 5 lotus купить по низкой цене в Москве ...

люстра lamplandia 5688 5 lotus заказать в интернет- ...

Jana / 8-28103-20-191 / 8-28103-20-191 женские сандали белый ...

Jana / 8-28103-20-191 / 8-28103-20-191 женские сандали белый искусственная кожа. 3 300 00 ₽. Регион доставки: Москва Не ваш регион?

Интернет-магазин Jana (яна) - недорого купить 85 товаров на ...

Купить 85 товаров Jana (яна) в интернет-магазине Artaban.ru ... Босоножки, сандалии, туфли, сабо, кеды, кроссовки, полусапожки или ботинки станут ...

Сандалии женские JANA, купить в Киеве - цены и продажа в ... - Алло

Сандалии женские JANA в интернет-магазине ALLO.ua по лучшим ценам ☛ Закажите уже сейчас! Профессиональная консультация ☎: 0-800-300-100.

Сандалии женские - купить женские сандалии в интернет ...

Каталог сандалий женских в интернет магазине Shop24, купить женские ... и сандалии от таких известных модницам брендов, как Keddo, Jana, Betsy, ...

Женские сандалии Jana 8-8-23605-20-606 купить в Москве в ...

Заказать сандалии фирмы Jana 8-8-23605-20-606 цвет оранжевый по доступным ценам в Москве в интернет магазине "Обувь 365" с доставкой по ...

Женские сандали Jana, цена 850 грн., купить в Киеве — Prom.ua ...

Женские сандали Jana, цена 850 грн., купить в Киеве — Prom.ua (ID#657606353). Подробная информация о товаре и поставщике с возможностью ...

Купить женские босоножки по недорогой цене в интернет ...

Женские босоножки. Лето — любимая пора для многих, особенно для женщин. Ведь в этот период ...

Люстра lamplandia florentina 8x40вт e14 без ... - kingfoto.ru

Поиск и заказы онлайн - люстра lamplandia florentina 8x40вт e14 без плафонов металл

доступный Женские серый Текстиль Сандалии Jana 3939614

доступный Женские серый Текстиль Сандалии Jana 3939614.

Люстра lamplandia bertha amber 8x40вт e14 без плафонов металл, цена ...

Только тут можно купить люстра lamplandia bertha amber 8x40вт e14 без плафонов металл по цене, которую ты выбираешь сам! Сотни магазинов и миллионы товаров на выбор.

СитиОбувь: купить Сандалии женские с заклёпками и ремешком ...

Производство: Jana Shoes GmbH & Co. KG, Германия; Модель: АВ-8/8-28606/26-001-BLACK-ж-111; Цвет: черный с коричневым; Внешний материал: ...

Босоножки Jana в Якутске - 1051 товар: Выгодные цены.

В категории: Босоножки Jana - купить по выгодной цене, доставка: Якутск, скидки! ... Jana 8-28205-20-100 женские босоножки белый натуральная кожа.

Купить женские сандалии Jana (Яна) от 2 740 руб в интернет ...

Скидки на женские сандалии Jana (Яна) каждый день! ... официальный сайт-партнер, интернет магазин, где можно купить женские сандалии Jana (Яна).

Люстра lamplandia vanola 6x40вт e14 текстиль металл купить в Москве ...

люстра lamplandia vanola 6x40вт e14 текстиль металл заказать с доставкой. люстра подвесная LAMPLANDIA Vanola 6x40Вт E14 текстиль,металл

Женская обувь Jana - купить в интернет-магазине Shopping Live

Женская обувь Jana по выгодным ценам в интернет-магазине Shopping Live. Надежная покупка! ... Обувь; Босоножки и сандалии. Jana Сбросить фильтр ...

Главная - Jana

Jana - это симбиоз моды и комфорта превосходного качества по привлекательной цене.

Женская обувь купить в Helmar и Rieker – магазины обуви и ...

Женская обувь - каталог с ценами. Коллекции обуви из Германии, Швейцарии, Испании и Италии.

Jana marecková human rights of persons with mental disabilities. Купить женские сандалии Jana (Яна) от 2 740 руб в интернет ...

Скидки на женские сандалии Jana (Яна) каждый день! ... официальный сайт-партнер, интернет магазин, где можно купить женские сандалии Jana (Яна).

Jana A+W - Обувь Провоканте

Полуботинки · Ботинки · Сапоги · Мокасины · Пантолеты · Сандалии · Сланцы · Кроссовки · Кеды ... Торговая политика немецкого бренда Jana A+W shoes направлена преимущественно на ... Обувь Jana A+W (Яна А+В) является синонимом моды и комфорта, и предназначена ... Jana A+W Сапоги женские.

Сандали женские, яна горюнова обувь, Новозыбков, цена и фото ...

2018.06.07 в 09:39 в категории «Женские спортивные сандали в Новозыбкове» | 13 просмотров. Сандали женские, яна горюнова обувь ...

Купить женские дутики в интернет-магазине с доставкой по ...

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Frew Demeke Alemu The African Court of Justice and Human Rights. An Opportunity to strengthen Rights Protection

Master's Thesis from the year 2010 in the subject Law - European and International Law, Intellectual Properties, grade: A, Lund University, course: International Human Rights Law, language: English, abstract: Taking in to consideration the countless human rights violations and impunity in Africa, there is not a shred of doubt about the dire need for effective human rights protection mechanisms at continental level. This concern has mainly increased due to the Africa Commission's poor track record of enforcement of human rights norms in the region. Hence, it is in the effort to cure the ills suffered by this system that an endeavor to build a regional human rights judicial organ has been embarked on. The process of establishment of the African Court of Justice and Human Rights (ACtJHR) is also the extension of this effort which partially became successful with the transitional operation of the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights. The primary purpose of this study is, thus, to show how the ACtJHR would be relevant in promoting and protecting human rights in the continent. An attempt is also made to investigate whether the new Court will be a solution to fill the gaps left out by the African Commission in the regional human rights enforcement mechanism. In doing so, the study has made a thorough analysis of the prospects and challenges of the ACtJHR from different vantage points. It has also addressed the possible interaction between the two main regional huma...

5464 РУБ



Paul Spicer QMRP Individualized Service Plans. Empowering People with Disabilities

Do you work with an individual with a disability? Have you run out of goals or objectives to include in your client's service plan? Need new ideas? Or are you training an employee on how to write a plan of care? The unique feature of Individualized Service Plans: Empowering Persons with Disabilities, is its multi dimensional approach to the field of developmental disabilities. The publication, which includes steps to writing a service plan as well as hundreds of prewritten goals, represents the global nature of a person with a disability and provides a roadmap for the dedicated service provider. The publication acts as a resource library for agencies and staff members in charge of creating residential, day support, and LCF service plans.

2077 РУБ



Philosophical Theory and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Philosophical Theory and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights examines the relations and interrelations among theoretical and practical analyses of human rights. Edited by William Sweet, this volume draws on the works of philosophers, political theorists and those involved in the implementation of human rights. The essays, although diverse in method and approach, collectively argue that the language of rights and corresponding legal and political instruments have an important place in contemporary social political philosophy.

3902 РУБ



Julia Neumann Human Rights and Climate Change

Master's Thesis from the year 2010 in the subject Law - Comparative Legal Systems, Comparative Law, grade: B+, University of Auckland (Law Faculty), course: Climate Change Law, language: English, abstract: This paper deals with the linkage of international human rights and climate change. It focuses on the approach to deduce legal claims in the form of compensations and concrete measures from international human rights in the course of impairments through climate change.This paper shall give a short overview on the issue climate change in general, including its causes, effects and the current political strategies. It furthermore provides a synopsis on how human rights are impaired by global warming and climate change effects.Unfortunately, this essay will come to the conclusion that the international human rights approach struggles with functioning as a solitary legal basis in that context and with stepping beyond the just moral implication. Human rights' legislative potential rather lies 'in the development of more encompassing and more inclusive legal and political strategies. Human rights may advisably be instrumentalized to strengthen political debates and be used as an incitement to set up enforceable and balanced agreements on reasonable measures of equalization and support.

1539 РУБ



Zerrin Savasan The EU Constitutional Treaty and Human Rights

With the increase of significance given to the political integration in the European Community, the protection of human rights in the EU has started to develop further particularly through the provisions of the Treaties. The constitutional treaty, bringing a new structure for the protection of them, has also remarkably contributed to the human rights field in the EU. Through this book -originated from my MSc thesis conducted in between 2004-2006 at Department of European Studies,METU-,it is aimed to question whether this new structure offers a better protection for human rights in the EU or not. For this purpose the incorporation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the possible accession of the EU to the ECHR and the offers of the constitutional treaty on human rights for third countries are discussed throughout the book. Based on the findings, it is concluded that the constitutional treaty offers a better protection for human rights and its contributions can be an initial step on the way towards a human rights policy.

2648 РУБ



Mohamed Asmaa The Rights-Based Approach to Development in the UN Programming

The international human rights system faces a lot of challenges with regard to the realization of the international human rights norms. It failed to achieve the main objectives of the international conventions. This failure is produced from various aspects: first some specific characteristics of the rights themselves as they lack clear standards, besides the unavailability of an international mechanism for enforcement. This calls for a new strategy to approach the implementation of human rights standards internationally. At the same time, the international development efforts that concentrate basically on achieving economic and financial progress of states and ignore the social and human dimensions of the economic strategies, were accused as the actor in the deterioration of the poor standard of human life. While both human rights activists and development practitioners are searching for a solution, they meet at a central point which is: "Human rights and human development are two sides of the same coin."

7002 РУБ



Shabnam Nadia Justifiability of the Second Generation Human Rights

The aim of this project is first to understand the meaning, nature, justifiability and enforceability of Second Generation Human Rights i.e. Economic, Social & Cultural (ESC) rights in post-cold war era of cut backs, social and economic retrenchment, de-industrialization and global restructuring. In this era, Human rights and in particular, the state responsibility to implement ESC Rights has thus become critically important both as counter dialogical tools and effective claims on society. The proscriptive, descriptive and prescriptive aspect of economic and social rights stipulated in different international instruments and the institutional and supervisory framework set up under those instruments are discussed here in details. The project also analyzes various aspects of ESC rights such as the international instruments dealing with ESC rights; the problems and pitfalls associated with the implementation of ESC rights; the promotional aspect of ESC rights or how the ESC rights can be promoted and finally relations between ESC rights and Millennium Development Goals.

8914 РУБ



Israel Endale Role of NGOs in promoting Human Rights Ethiopia. A Case Study on Ethiopian Council (EHRCO)

Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2010 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: Africa, grade: BA degree, , language: English, abstract: Although a relative better political environment had been created with the coming of EPRDF, many NGOs have not yet shifted their policy objective towards advocacy. Majority of local NGOs are still either relief or development oriented regarding their policy objectives. They are fear of taking up policy advocacy, rule of law, human rights, criticism and opposition to state policies and practices. This is partly explained by the fact that many NGOs restored to opportunism or subservience to the government. That is, they make political calculations deemed necessary to ensure survival. In other words, most NGOs pretend not to engage in sensitive issues that may antagonize with the government. In simple terms, they rather conform to center of power and prefer to maintain personal and institutional interests (Kassahun, 2002:124). However, after 1991 a few local NGOs emerged and centered their objective on promoting the respect for the rule of law, protecting and monitoring human rights and enhancing civil awareness through various strategies. The Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO), Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA), Society for the Advancement of Human Rights Education (EAHRE) are some the examples ,which entertain such objectives. Nevertheless, the relation of these human right NGOs and the government (EP...

1964 РУБ



Nezir Akyesilmen Who is responsible for human rights. the state or corporations.

Transnational business operations across the globe are common phenomenon and are increasingly more so in the age of globalization. While such operations are considered to be crucial for economic growth and development in the host countries, there are frequent allegations against TNCs of violation of human rights. The rights that are affected by TNCs activities vary from the right to self-determination to the right of life; from the right to strike to the right to a healthy environment and from the right of association to the right not to be discriminated against etc. The central question of this work is about the responsibility of actor(s) in the case of human rights violations. • What is the impact of the globalization process on the international human rights regime? • Who is responsible for such human rights violations: state(s) or transnational corporations (TNCs)? • Do TNCs need to be held responsible for human rights obligations? • How do the activities of non-state actors affect human rights? • Should non-state actors be directly responsible for human rights violations?

10089 РУБ



Dewa Mavhinga Land Reform and Human Rights in Post Colonial States

This study examines a subject that evokes the strongest emotions and has potential at once to trigger the most egregious violations of human rights as well as to promote and further the cause of human rights in a big way - land reform in post-colonial States. In post-colonial States (mainly in Africa, Asia and Latin America) land is central to past and current conflicts as well as conflict-resolution strategies. For post-colonial States achievement of national independence has often been associated with the removal of institutional hangovers from the past, which may include land reform. This study establishes that land reform does not inherently have an adverse impact on human rights and that it is possible to carry out land reform programs in a human rights respecting way. For sustainable land reform programmes to take place a pro-human rights way, the critical challenge is not a development of new frameworks within the human rights system, but simply to validate existing human rights principles.

8639 РУБ



Whitney Nash Treatment of People with Disabilities in Kenya and the United States

This study examines the acceptance and integration of people with intellectual and physical disabilities in the United States and Kenya. In addition, the study explores the involvement of the three sectors (public, private, non-profit) and their treatment of people with disabilities. The literature review reveals that significant progress was made over the past century in the United States, and the past decade in Kenya, in treatment of people with disabilities, but there are still significant insufficiencies. Both countries suffer from a lack of funding and implementation behind initiatives created to improve the conditions for people with disabilities. Surveys sent to several organizations in Kenya and the United States provide an intimate look into the actual and not perceived acceptance and integration of people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

8652 РУБ



United Nations The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly (10 December 1948 at Palais de Chaillot, Paris). The Declaration arose directly from the experience of the Second World War and represents the first global expression of rights to which all human beings are inherently entitled. It consists of 30 articles which have been elaborated in subsequent international treaties, regional human rights instruments, national constitutions and laws. The International Bill of Human Rights consists of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and its two Optional Protocols. In 1966 the General Assembly adopted the two detailed Covenants, which complete the International Bill of Human Rights; and in 1976, after the Covenants had been ratified by a sufficient number of individual nations, the Bill took on the force of international law.

33 РУБ



Wechtuor Kuajien Lual Human Rights and Rule of Law. South Sudan Context

South Sudan is centered with inter-ethnic and armed conflicts, they explain human rights abuses and failed rule of law, due to regime's ruthless control, symbols of army's tanks and rule with iron fist punishing anyone harshly without mercies and technicalities granting. Thus, violence dominated this country, used to pursue gun-rule where armed conflicts continue rising; at least 70 cases/ 2009 to civil war/2013 with death toll increasing, at least 1,000/2006 to >20,000/2013. This book considers human rights as protective against arbitrary of the state to do with a country in its darkest days, where human rights are constrained by state's anarchy. It analyses rule of law as bedrock for building a structure of ordered liberty and progress in civil society, provides foundation for economic development, protection of human rights and promote basic dignity. The analysis examines democracy, federalism, institutional reforms and accountability as effective mechanisms for exit from failed rule of law. This would guide the need to embark on critical issues like effective management, capacity building, maintaining law and order, provision of public goods, fair and impartial political platform.

6127 РУБ



Ghufran Ahmed Comparison of Pakistani Extradition Law With Other Jurisdictions

Historically extradition had been granted for the surrender of political offenders and the sovereign rulers had full authority to deal with the fugitives so surrendered according to their own whimsical wishes. This had left extradition with more political considerations than legal. However, the human rights movement which got acceleration after WW II has made serious impact on all branches of law including extradition which has converted it into a proper legal concept compatible with international human rights standards.Nonetheless, the Extradition Act of Pakistan, 1972 lags far behind in providing procedural safeguards to the fugitive offenders and protecting their basic human rights as compared to other civilized States of the world. Pakistan should, therefore, amend her extradition law so as to make it compatible with international human rights standards. This will show her commitment for the protection and promotion of human rights. Moreover, it will be a step forward towards attaining an honored place amongst the nations of the world- a goal which the people of Pakistan have set for themselves.

4419 РУБ



Kolber Adél Sanctions. Alleviating or deepening the violation of human rights.

After the cold war during the decades of development of democracies the role of sanctions as instruments of international relations has raised significantly. Through the evolution of the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union the use of sanctions has also crystallized. Otherwise it remains always a question whether sanctions are justified? Are they effective? Is the application of sanctions the best way against human rights violation? Or sanctions are accompanied by human rights violation themselves? In my work I am looking for answers for these questions, focusing on the relation of sanctions and human rights. In my paper firstly I introduce the evolution of the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union and the development of EU sanction policy. I outline the legal basis of the sanctions and present the different types of restrictive measures and their relations to the United Nations' principles. Through case studies regarding Belarus, Sudan, Burma and Zimbabwe I present the use of different sanctions in order to ensure the respect of human rights. I also analyse whether these sanctions themselves violate to a certain extent human rights causing harm for the civil population or not. Finally, I give an overview about other soft measures of the European Union concerning the promotion of human rights.

4252 РУБ



Carol Sellars Risk Assessment in People With Learning Disabilities

Risk Assessment in People with Learning Disabilities, Second Edition reflects legislative updates made over the past decade while continuing to demystify the process of assessing risk for people with intellectual impairment (previously called learning disabilities). Revisits techniques of risk assessment outlined in First Edition in light of the recent legislative changes, most notably the 2005 Mental Capacity Act Covers methods of assessing a persons capacity to consent in a range of situations, from the everyday, to complex medical or psychological scenarios Covers implications of new guidelines issued in relation to the Care Programme Approach (CPA)

4210.35 РУБ



WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT) (Russian edition)

The Treaty deals with intellectual property rights of two categories of beneficiary: (i) performers (actors, singers, musicians, etc.), and (ii) producers of phonograms (the persons or legal entities who or which take the initiative and have the responsibility for the fixation of the sounds).

2627 РУБ



Syeda Jhuma, Sarwar Hossain International and National Discourse of Business C Rights. Bangladesh Perspective

Seminar paper from the year 2014 in the subject Politics - International Politics - General and Theories, , language: English, abstract: The idea of business and human rights is an emerging concept of international law. Human rights are greatly influenced, positively or negatively, by the business activities of transnational corporations, industries and business enterprises. Consequently, business and children's rights are comparatively new and evolving agenda in international human rights law. Children's rights both as right holders and stakeholders have been affected by business activities. This article focuses on two basic questions. Firstly: how business activities affect the rights of children, especially child labourer's rights in the context of Bangladesh; and secondly: whether the laws and regulations of domestic and international law is sufficient to redress the violation of children's rights. The article's premise is to find what should be the role of different actors in connection to the rights of children affected by the activities of business. The article concentrates on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human rights, the UNICEF Global Compact and Save the Children "Children's rights and Business Principles known as CRB Principles" (May-2012) and the Committee on the Rights of the Child General Comment no.16 which deals with the obligations of states in relation to business and children's rights, Convention ...

1889 РУБ



WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT) (Arabic edition)

The Treaty deals with intellectual property rights of two categories of beneficiary: (i) performers (actors, singers, musicians, etc.), and (ii) producers of phonograms (the persons or legal entities who or which take the initiative and have the responsibility for the fixation of the sounds).

2627 РУБ



Okodogbe Theresa The Relocation Experiences of People with Intellectual Disabilities

The foundation of this book is Article 19 of the United Nations on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and the growing interest to improve the circumstances of people with ID regarding their lack of choice over their lives and living arrangements. It focuses on Article 19 of the UNCRPD - which encapsulates the right of people with ID to choose where and who to live with same as everyone else in society. This book through inclusive research explored the relocation experiences from the perspectives of people with ID, in relation to their available choices during relocation to the community. It offered a detailed account of actual relocation experience from the point of view of people with ID as it relates to choice opportunities which have not really received much attention and has added to the understanding and contributed to knowledge of relocation process important to further and existing research in this area. This book draws from different prominent scholars in the disability field to illuminate the present choice situation of people with ID and provides interesting insights and realities of people with ID who have relocated or relocating to the communities.

7427 РУБ




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